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I’m Camine Pappas. Let’s think about food preparation as art, and flavors as adventurous stories. Say ‘goodbye’ to safe sequences, or copycat flavors, and use your senses to curate the perfect meal. My recipes help your kitchen come to life as I share anecdotes about food chemistry, and fun shortcuts that conquer menu-mediocrity. My cooking style is one that combines everyday ingredients into sensuous layers that wake up the bored palate as I reveal easy-to-understand tips, tricks, and hacks so everyone can prepare and serve Bling Cuisine with confidence and joy!

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Every day I see frustrated cooks — novice or advanced — abandon any hope for success in the kitchen because they assumed real cooking was too difficult or have met with so many recipe disasters they have decided to burn their aprons in effigy. And that is a tragedy. I believe part of our ruin is we lack confidence in our own senses. And the dispassionate nature of food marketing that pushes us to make dinner a contest of efficiency instead of leisure doesn’t help. Some see the act of pausing to cook is like an annoying task you can’t ignore. And, honestly, if your only exposure to cooking is the drone-view, fast-motion videos of meal prep on social media, you are missing the beautiful experience of what it means to feed yourself, your loved ones, and your soul. That is the beginning of viewing cooking in a healthy way so cooking feels like a privilege all the time.

As you start your journey into AN INTRODUCTION TO BLING CUISINE, and discover mushrooms shouldn’t be crowded in the pan, meat should be room temperature when you cook it, or that you don’t have to slave all day to serve out-of-the box meals, maybe you will be inspired to try some of the recipes. My Chinese 5 Spice Nectarine Galettes are a great start. Or mix candied ginger and chipotle mayonnaise and slather it over pork belly bites for a surprisingly fast and memorable appetizer. Or peruse my comprehensive list of the basics every Bling kitchen needs to shine. I hope you sense each recipe feels wonderfully familiar, accessible, and irresistible.

When I started years ago, I was homebound as a caregiver. I needed an outlet so I decided right then I would go from just cooking food to mastering food techniques. All while reverently learning the science and the passion behind it. As I began in my small and ill-equipped kitchen, I found cooking isn’t a mystery at all. Success is as close as our imagination, and patience developed in the kitchen is a lifelong reward. When I infused my food with what was deep inside me, it took on a beautiful life of its own. And that is what the art and method of Bling Cuisine is all about.


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