Elderflower White Balsamic Vinegar


375ml (12.7oz) Bottle

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This delicate Elderflower White Balsamic Vinegar is both crispy and juicy with an intensely floral aroma of honeysuckle flowers. We have married the lovely floral characteristics of these cream-colored flower heads with our Ultra Premium White Balsamic Condimento. The resulting collaboration is an intoxicating burst of unique flavor; bright, clean, and absolutely delicious! Great with seafood, grilled chicken/poultry, pork, in sparkling water as a spritzer, in cocktails, iced teas, as a glaze, in marinades and dressings. Pairs fantastically with our Lemon Fused Olive Oil and any of our robust Ultra Premium Olive Oils! Ingredients: Grape must, white wine vinegar, natural flavors, naturally occurring sulfites.


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